Street poll: How will you vote? [video]

The 2010 federal election is only three weeks away. Newsbytes asked people in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall if they have made up their mind which party to vote for. Most are still making up their minds. Reporter: Emma McBryde Camera and production: David Stuart  Read More

Brisbane fans give iPhone a good reception

Hundreds of die-hard iPhone fans lined up outside the Queen Street Mall’s Optus and Telstra stores for this week’s launch of Apple’s iPhone 4. Harsh criticism of poor reception from reviewers did not stop customers from queueing outside the stores from midday on Wednesday. By 11.30pm the 400 Optus queuers were being pampered with free three-minute massages, coffee, food, Optus scarves, Optus beanies, stools and entertainment from 97.3 radio DJ Terry Hansen, a balloon... Read More

Street poll: should the Prime Minister be a cover girl? [video]

Australia’s first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard, is cover girl of top selling magazine Women’s Weekly, with a 13-page spread of glamorous photos. Newsbytes asked people in Brisbane what they thought. Reporter: Alex Stilianos Camera and production: David Stuart  Read More

Threat of national strike if workers jailed

Construction union leaders at a Brisbane rally last week threatened to take nation-wide industrial action if any construction worker was jailed under the current Australian Building and Construction Commission laws. In a fiery speech to hundreds of industry workers, Electrical Trades Union assistant secretary Allen Hicks threatened industrial action if the ABCC laws were used to jail any construction worker in Australia. “We’ll send a clear message to both sides of politics... Read More

Counsellor urges steps to reduce self-harm epidemic

In the face of an epidemic of self-harm, with more than half a million Australians injuring themselves each year, a counsellor urges people not to feel guilty if they self-harm. “Be strong and try not to feel guilty,” says Zoe Farris (pictured), a former self-injurer and long-time telephone counselling team leader for the Mental Health Association. Ms Farris, 54, who also gives guest lectures on self-injury, said people who self-harm should find better coping mechanisms... Read More

Review: The Clean House

Cremorne Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre Reluctant cleaners watching this clever play will be relieved to note obsessive cleaning and too much attention to fastidious detail may blunt your passion for life! As a high achieving, clinical, busy doctor, white-clad Lane has little time for life’s pleasures. She hires a young Brazilian to clean her house, Portuguese-speaking Matilde, who fantasises about the happiness of her dead parents. Their legacy to her was laughter,... Read More

Street poll: Who won – MasterChef or the pollies? [video]

Politicians and their minders had to back down in the face of MasterChef on Sunday night, rescheduling the one debate between the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to 6.30pm to avoid a TV clash with the ratings blitzer. Newsbytes asked Brisbane people what they believe this says about Australia as a country. Reporter: John Corlett Camera and production: David Stuart  Read More

Two Newsbytes reporters in Media Awards finals

Two Newsbytes reporters have been named as finalists in the Queensland Clarion Awards. John Corlett and Anthony Gough are among four finalists for the Most Outstanding Journalism Student, metropolitan division. Previously known as the Queensland Media Awards, the Clarion Awards are the major state-based event for recognising quality journalism. Corlett and Gough are Diploma of Journalism students at Jschool Journalism College, publisher of Newsbytes. The other two finalists,... Read More

20 marine deaths worst on record

Queensland’s marine fatalities toll was the worst on record last year, with 20 deaths and 24 people suffering serious injury. Opposition transport spokesman Fiona Simpson says the State Government doesn’t have enough water police on duty and there should be more education for boat users. The figures are revealed in Maritime Safety Queensland’s (MSQ) annual report, which analysed 768 marine incidents during the year. The record fatality rate contrasted starkly with... Read More

Review: An Ideal Husband

New Farm Nash Theatre The wheels within wheels, the corruption, the bribery and the back room deals are as much a feature of modern politics as they were one hundred years ago.- Nigel Munro-Wallis, director. Set in London’s Grosvenor Square, Oscar Wilde’s classic play begins at a dinner party hosted by the wealthy and highly respected Sir Robert Chiltern, a government official and the ‘ideal husband’. Guests include Lady Markby, played convincingly by Barbara Thomas... Read More

Opponent of $900 handouts seeks Senate seat

The man who challenged the Rudd Government in the High Court over the constitutional legality of the $900 economic stimulus bonus will continue his campaign to “fix the federation” by standing as a Senate candidate in next month’s federal election. Law lecturer and former barrister Bryan Pape (pictured) told Newsbytes today he would file his nomination on Tuesday in New South Wales as an independent. “I’m about fixing the federation,” he said. “Currently... Read More

Spread of English could be ‘linguistic imperialism’

Two international communication experts have pointed to the limitations of English as an international language and cautioned its spread could be regarded as linguistic imperialism. Queensland University of Technology intercultural communication expert Professor Caroline Hatcher (pictured) said the rise of English could cause miscommunication and inequalities between cultures. “While the uniform development of the international language of English may make business more... Read More

RSPCA seeks ban on puppy farming

RSPCA Queensland recently began an e-petititon to the Queensland Government to enact a Breeders Code of Practice and a Pet Shop Code of Practice to help stop illegal puppy farming. The animal welfare organisation also wanted the Government to introduce compulsory licensing and regular monitoring of companion animal breeding operations so they comply with the Canine Control Council of Queensland’s (CCCQ) dog breeding standards. Initiator of the petition and RSPCA assistant chief... Read More

Confusion over Bob Brown’s vote preference claims

Australian Greens leader Senator Bob Brown said this week a law means political parties must discuss preferences for the Senate. However, there is no such law. In an interview with the ABC’s chief political correspondent, Lyndal Curtis, on Monday, Mr Brown said the law existed. He said “[T]here is a requirement in the Senate by law, a law passed by the big parties, that there must be preference discussions and there must be a preference card handed in to the electoral office... Read More

No pain, lots of gain

A prominent university pain expert is working with a Brisbane-based biotechnology company to develop a new generation of pain killers. University of Queensland School of Pharmacy Head of the Pain Research Group Professor Maree Smith (pictured) said her collaboration with Alchemia Limited sought to reduce the side effects associated with opioid pain killers like morphine. “What we’re trying to do is to identify for future development molecules that produce pain relief as... Read More

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