Street poll: an Indigenous Day holiday?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proposal for a national day to celebrate indigenous peoples, culture and heritage has drawn a mixed response from politicians and the public. Members of Parliament have already lined up on different sides on the issue. Special envoy for indigenous affairs and former prime minister Tony Abbott disagreed with the proposal while […]

Street poll: Trust in media at all-time low

Trust in the news media is falling, with fewer than one-third of Australians saying they trust the media. Mexicans, Canadians and Indonesians all have more trust in the media then Australians, according to an international study by the Edelman Group. The Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that the trust Australians have in the media is at […]

Fuel discounts still attract shoppers, despite warnings

In the wake of record fuel prices across Queensland, motorists say increased shopper docket discounts will have a “dramatic impact” on where they fill up. According to locals, most drivers go out of their way to shop at Coles or Woolworths in order to take advantage of the discounts. The shopper dockets offered by major […]

Mixed reception for speed cameras as 0.7 million booked

With almost 700,000 Queenslanders booked for speeding last year, the government denies speed cameras are used mainly for revenue-raising. Speed cameras brought in $69 million in revenue last year, while more than 110,000 people have been booked in the first two months of this year. A Newsbytes street poll has found people divided about traffic […]

Commuters unhappy at train crowding

Commuters in south-east Queensland are angry at shoulder-to-shoulder crowding on trains and soaring ticket prices across the public transport network, according to a Newsbytes street poll. One Brisbane commuter said trains were “packed to the rafters” in peak hours. “I think they need more trains to allow people to get in and out,” he said. […]

Street poll: Drones OK for crime control

A Newsbytes street poll has found people are not concerned about the idea of high-tech surveillance drones as long as they are used only for crime control. Queensland Police could trial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the near future. Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said he didn’t want to ban UAVs but […]

Demands for better conduct by politicians

The Senate has postponed the reporting date of a committee inquiring into setting up an integrity commissioner and code of conduct for parliamentarians, prompting renewed debate on the topic. A Newsbytes street poll showed people had strong views about acceptable standards of behaviour for parliamentarians. The Senate’s decision came two days after Fair Work Australia […]

Street poll: What did you think of the Budget?

The Gillard Government’s first budget drew praise and criticism from Brisbane people after its unveiling this week. People interviewed by Newsbytes praised increased expenditure on mental health, while criticising the free desktop box policy for pensioners. Comments on the budget included “tough on the right things”, “not for the people”, “bland”, “could do more for […]

Street poll: Do we need a publicly-funded National Broadband Network?

The National Broadband Network is the largest single infrastructure investment in Australian history, with an estimated cost of $35.7 billion. The federal government hopes the network, which may perform up to one thousand times faster than current average wireless, will mean immediate advantages in education, health, and even civic spirit. But reception to the plan […]

Do newspapers have a future?

With the continual rise of online news and the closures of many newspapers around the world, it’s important to ask: do newspapers have a future? To save costs many newspapers have cut jobs, outsourced subediting or gone completely online in response to the growing popularity of online news. Several high-profile journalists and academics have had […]

Asian fusion the key to new life for Brisbane restaurants

Brisbane’s restaurants have fallen under harsh scrutiny from critics and the press alike. Its culinary scene has received harsh criticism over the years, with claims that Brisbane food culture represents a “cultural desert”. Alchemy Restaurant manager Edward Bray rejects the criticism. “I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a cultural desert as such, it’s constantly evolving, desert […]

Street poll: Should we ban the burqa?

France has passed laws to ban the wearing of the burqa in public places. The ban has attracted criticism from many people, including human rights groups, but some say there should be similar laws in Australia. We asked people in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall what they thought.

Street poll: What do you think of Brisbane losing Wayne Bennett to Newcastle?

Former Brisbane Broncos and current St George-Illawarra coach Wayne Bennett has signed a four-year deal with the Newcastle Knights at a reported $2 million per season. He had previously been widely tipped to rejoin the Broncos. South Sydney was another club chasing his services. Newsbytes asked people in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall what they thought […]

Street poll: Should women be in frontline combat?

Triggered by the Skype sex scandal, the Government has brought forward the initiative which would lift the ban on women in frontline combat positions. Defence Minister Stephen Smith said people’s roles in the forces should be based on their physical and intellectual capacity, not gender. “It opens up all of the leadership roles for women […]

Street poll: Should cigarettes be sold in plain packaging?

New laws will force tobacco companies to use plain packaging plus graphic anti-smoking images on cigarette packs. Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says the generic olive green packaging will take away the glamour of smoking. “Cigarette packs will now only show the death and disease that can come from smoking,” she said. However, the British […]

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