Fuel discounts still attract shoppers, despite warnings

In the wake of record fuel prices across Queensland, motorists say increased shopper docket discounts will have a “dramatic impact” on where they fill up. According to locals, most drivers go out of their way to shop at Coles or Woolworths in order to take advantage of the discounts. The shopper dockets offered by major […]

Electric cars generating more interest

Electric cars on Australian roads lead the charge to a zero-emission future, but how soon will they become popular? Newsbytes asked a range of people, including car experts and members of the public, to find a mixture of views. Mitsubishi released the first mass-produced electric car to Australia’s fleet and government market in late 2010, […]

Rally told public service cuts will hurt kids

Angry public sector workers marched through city streets waving dolls to represent children they said would suffer from public service job cuts. Community Service Department members said the children would not receive the same attention when the workers were gone. Secretary of the union Together, Alex Scott, said the loss of temporary jobs in these […]

Mixed reception for speed cameras as 0.7 million booked

With almost 700,000 Queenslanders booked for speeding last year, the government denies speed cameras are used mainly for revenue-raising. Speed cameras brought in $69 million in revenue last year, while more than 110,000 people have been booked in the first two months of this year. A Newsbytes street poll has found people divided about traffic […]

Commuters unhappy at train crowding

Commuters in south-east Queensland are angry at shoulder-to-shoulder crowding on trains and soaring ticket prices across the public transport network, according to a Newsbytes street poll. One Brisbane commuter said trains were “packed to the rafters” in peak hours. “I think they need more trains to allow people to get in and out,” he said. […]

Concerns over health risks of shared bike helmets

A leading Queensland hairdresser and members of the public have expressed concern over hygiene risks of shared bike helmets, although a scientist says the danger of head lice is low. The hairdresser criticised Brisbane City Council for providing helmets as part of the city cycle scheme, claiming the helmets are a violation of the council’s […]

Street poll: Drones OK for crime control

A Newsbytes street poll has found people are not concerned about the idea of high-tech surveillance drones as long as they are used only for crime control. Queensland Police could trial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the near future. Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said he didn’t want to ban UAVs but […]

Support for Nick D’Arcy in street poll

A Newsbytes street poll has found people support controversial swimmer Nick D’Arcy competing in the 200m butterfly at the London Olympics. D’Arcy will fulfil his childhood dream in just less than two months’ time when he swims for Australia at the Olympics. Nick D’Arcy was charged with assault after a brawl with former Commonwealth Games […]

Demands for better conduct by politicians

The Senate has postponed the reporting date of a committee inquiring into setting up an integrity commissioner and code of conduct for parliamentarians, prompting renewed debate on the topic. A Newsbytes street poll showed people had strong views about acceptable standards of behaviour for parliamentarians. The Senate’s decision came two days after Fair Work Australia […]

31 arrested at Musgrave Park tent embassy

Thirty-one people were arrested as hundreds of police officers moved to evict protestors from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane this morning. The Brisbane City Council ordered the eviction in preparation of this weekend’s annual Paniyiri Greek festival which uses the park. Police began closing nearby streets and surrounding the camp at […]

Construction worker feared ‘pauper’s grave’

A construction worker who claimed his boss hadn’t paid any money into his superannuation account for two years feared his family would be left destitute if he died. Sunny Manual, who now works as a project manager, said he found out early this year a previous employer hadn’t paid his super since 2009. “If I’d […]

Huge Brisbane ballet class enters record books

Brisbane has set a Guinness World Record with a massive 1561 people dancing in the largest-ever ballet class. The 30-minute ballet class took place on all five storeys of the state library on Sunday after bad weather forced officials to change the venue from South Brisbane’s Kurilpa Bridge. Despite the rain, the turn-out was more […]

Council accused of waste over city cycle scheme

The Brisbane City Council is facing criticism over the CityCycle Scheme, an initiative that encourages people to hire bikes to help with city congestion, environment and personal health. More than 1000 bicycles have been placed all around the city of Brisbane since the scheme’s launch nearly eight months ago and about 180 are hired out […]

Street poll: What did you think of the Budget?

The Gillard Government’s first budget drew praise and criticism from Brisbane people after its unveiling this week. People interviewed by Newsbytes praised increased expenditure on mental health, while criticising the free desktop box policy for pensioners. Comments on the budget included “tough on the right things”, “not for the people”, “bland”, “could do more for […]

Exhibition helps raise awareness of mental illness

Art is helping raise awareness of schizophrenia through the annual art exhibition, Colours of Hope. Held this week in Brisbane’s King George Square it is the 20th anniversary of the exhibition in support of Schizophrenia Awareness Week. The Mental Illness Fellowship of Queensland (MIFQ) said it aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma and support local […]

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