Alex Stilianos

Street poll: should the Prime Minister be a cover girl? [video]

Australia’s first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard, is cover girl of top selling magazine Women’s Weekly, with a 13-page spread of glamorous photos. Newsbytes asked people in Brisbane what they thought. Reporter: Alex Stilianos Camera and production: David Stuart

‘Sexy’ light rail may help win Cwlth Games

The “sexy piece of infrastructure” that is light rail will be critical in securing the 2018 Commonwealth Games for the Gold Coast, according to Queensland government architect Phillip Follent. While the event is still eight years away and preparation in its early stages, Mr Follent (pictured) said light rail, with correct planning and infrastructure, had […]

Extra checks for new tunnel

The Northern Link Tunnel project would be the most extensive and stringent ever for a transport infrastructure in Queensland, according to an evaluation report for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by Coordinator-General Colin Jensen. The report contains 34 conditions and Department of Infrastructure and Planning media officer Andrew Evans said extra conditions were the result […]

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