NewsBytes reporters quiz MP Scott Emerson at Parliament House

Welcome to NewsBytes, the world’s newest newspaper.   (With the phenomenal growth in online media, this is a claim we can probably make for only the next few minutes!)

NewsBytes features stories from trainee reporters and writers studying at Jschool journalism college in Brisbane, Australia.  Jschool’s journalism diploma is a practice-based training program and our students are busting to break new stories and tell you what’s going on.

We hope you find the NewsBytes team have come up with original and interesting stories, as well as fresh takes on developing news. But beware — we may bite!

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From The Australian (Media Diary), 17 May 2010:

Hot off the press

THE world’s newest newspaper comes to life today with the launch of Newsbytes, but the paper put together by the students of JSchool in Queensland may be a tip to the future of journalism itself with no tree ever to be harmed in its creation. JSchool director John Henningham said the news website (www.newsbytes.com.au) was a way to give students experience in an environment where there was a real audience for their stories. “The idea is to give them a run with stories they’re working on, including an outlet for stories they write when covering council, parliament etcetera,” Henningham said. “We’ve also welcomed reviews, and later in the year as they develop more skills we’ll be running features.We’ve found already that we have stories that are not appearing in existing media outlets, so the project is adding to the news mix in Queensland.”

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