Feds blast Newman government

The Newman government’s decisions on aged care and education were condemned by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and deputy Wayne Swan at last night’s federal community cabinet in Redcliffe. Mr Swan said the state’s closure of Eventide Sandgate to sell some of the site was “simply cruel”. The Commonwealth pays for residents in state-run nursing homes […]

Springborg calls for more federal health funding

A lack of long-term federal government funding could threaten Queensland’s health system, according to the state health minister. Lawrence Springborg said the federal Ggovernment needed to do more than just fund the initial start-up costs for health programs. “What we are seeing with regard to a range of projects which have been developed in Queensland […]

Nurses launch campaign to put pressure on government

The Queensland Nurses Union has launched a campaign to convince the government of the importance of nurses’ work. The union says rumours about job and service cuts are unsettling members and lowering morale. Union secretary Beth Mohle said today the union was launching a positive marketing campaign to remind government of the important role nurses […]

Theatre-goers inspired to help disease victims

Brisbane audiences have opened their hearts to Alana Valentine’s play A Head Full of Love, donating more than $75,000 towards indigenous people with chronic kidney disease. The play, based on verbatim interviews with renal patients, blasts the myth that alcohol is a primary cause of indigenous kidney disease. Recent research by the Australian Institute of […]

Bodybuilder to defend her international title

One of Brisbane’s youngest bodybuilders has announced she’s training for three more competitions, just weeks after taking the Melbourne International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s International Figures title. Personal trainer Nicole Banney, 20, said she would defend her International Figures title on 29 September at the Brisbane INBA Classic. Then, just days later, she’ll hit the stage […]

Iron men face death risk

About one in 200 Australians may not know a potential killer lurks in their blood: iron. Haemochromatosis, described as “an inherited iron overload disorder”, was little known, but easily treated, medical specialists said at a seminar last week. Those at risk are descended from Vikings or Celts. Queensland Institute of Medical Research hosted the seminar […]

Safety of women and children paramount in alcohol review – minister

The government will not liberalise indigenous communities’ alcohol management plans in in any way that will put women and children at risk, Queensland Parliament was told yesterday. The Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs, Glen Elmes, said revised plans needed to ensure women and children were not bashed or neglected. In […]

Health workers’ pay dates to be pushed back

Health Department staff will not be paid until 10 days after their roster, instead of the current three days. The change, to take effect in October, was announced in Parliament yesterday by Health Minister Lawrence Springborg. Mr Springborg said employees would be given loans to cover the one-off gap in pay periods. “In October, Queensland […]

Aussies’ cushy lifestyles may make them tougher on refugees – sociologist

Australians’ comfortable lifestyle may make them less sympathetic to refugees, a refugees advocate said yesterday. Sociologist and mental health nurse Jane Hasler said many people were driven by the “I’m all right Jack” philosophy. There was a prevailing attitude of “don’t come and play in my back yard”. Dr Hasler spoke to Newsbytes before the […]

Concerns over health risks of shared bike helmets

A leading Queensland hairdresser and members of the public have expressed concern over hygiene risks of shared bike helmets, although a scientist says the danger of head lice is low. The hairdresser criticised Brisbane City Council for providing helmets as part of the city cycle scheme, claiming the helmets are a violation of the council’s […]

White wreath day recalls suicide victims

Families and friends of suicide victims gathered in a moving memorial service at Post Office Square to mark White Wreath Day. White Wreath Association founder Fanita Clark fought back tears as she delivered her speech to onlookers. “What you see here today takes 12 months to organise. But what we are here for is to […]

Australian women pay more for disease test

Australian women still pay extra for a more efficient cervical disease test which costs nothing in the UK, USA and parts of New Zealand. The National Cervical Screening Renewal Program is reviewing the conventional Pap smear and it could be replaced as standard with the ThinPrep Pap test as soon as next year. Currently Australian […]

Newsbytes wins praise after bubblers ban reversed

A State Government minister and a rail lobby group have congratulated Newsbytes on publicising the issue of water fountains being withdrawn from Brisbane railway stations. Transport Minister Scott Emerson said Newsbytes should be credited for breaking the story, while Rail Back on Track spokesman Robert Dow said Newsbytes deserved congratulation for the “fantastic outcome”. A […]

Kakadu plum may give cancer protection

In what could be a major medical breakthrough, an Australian native fruit has been found to offer possible protection against cancer and a host of other diseases. The Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) has impressive potential for protection against cancer, arthritis, neuro-degenerative diseases and diabetes, according to Dr Ian Cock of the School of Biomolecular and […]

Bubblers saved after Newsbytes report

The Queensland Rail ban on bubblers has been reversed by Transport Minister Scott Emerson after the policy was revealed by Newsbytes. Mr Emerson said he became aware of the water fountain ban on Friday and scrapped it on Saturday. Newsbytes reported on the policy last week following investigations by student journalist Melissa Archer. Mr Emerson […]

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