Health workers’ pay dates to be pushed back

Health Department staff will not be paid until 10 days after their roster, instead of the current three days.

The change, to take effect in October, was announced in Parliament yesterday by Health Minister Lawrence Springborg.

Mr Springborg said employees would be given loans to cover the one-off gap in pay periods.

“In October, Queensland Health will change the pay date for its workforce of about 84,000 employees,” he said.

Although staff income would not be affected, a transition loan of about two weeks’ pay would be offered to all staff unless individuals chose to opt out.

“From a future date, staff pays will be adjusted automatically when overpayments occur so that mistakes are resolved quickly,” Mr Springborg said.

Employees would be consulted before the deduction occurred two pay cycles after the error, and would not be retrospective.

The change is intended to result in more accurate pays and automatic adjustment for overpayments.

Mr Springborg said the “grotesque and unfair” payroll system introduced by the previous Labor government had cost $1.25 billion to date, not inclusive of $1.7 billion each fortnight in overpayments.

Mr Springborg said two measures to correct overpayments would be implemented in line with auditor KPMG’s recommendations and would be discussed with unions.

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