Bodybuilder to defend her international title

One of Brisbane’s youngest bodybuilders has announced she’s training for three more competitions, just weeks after taking the Melbourne International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s International Figures title.

Personal trainer Nicole Banney, 20, said she would defend her International Figures title on 29 September at the Brisbane INBA Classic. Then, just days later, she’ll hit the stage in Townsville, before heading to the Melbourne Nationals in October.

Banney has come a long way since her competition debut in June’s Brisbane Classic. She entered as a fitness and bikini model, but did not place. However, just a month later, she won the Melbourne competition.

“I took a little downtime after that, but now I’m six weeks from the next three comps and I’ve amped up my preparations. This time I’m doing more power lifting and also more cardio,” she said.

Banney is on a strict meal plan, under which she eats small meals every few hours and strategically places carbohydrates and protein to get the most out of her workouts.

“Chicken, fish, veggies and a measured amount of fat with each meal. Closer to comp time I eat less and less traditional carbs and more veggies.”

When Banney began her competition journey, she was a club-level hockey player.

“At the start of the year, I did three months of clean eating. I realised how much effect diet has on training and recovery time. Seeing the results of that clean eating encouraged me to take it to the next level.”

Banney said the muscle she gained and the weight she lost completely changed her body shape.

“Before I was just a normal, reasonably-fit-looking girl.”

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