Siobhan Baillieu

Melbourne chocolate protest less bitter than before

Anti-Israel demonstrators were much quieter in Melbourne on Friday night than at the violent July protest that resulted in the arrest of 19 people. The calls for boycotts of the Max Brenner chocolate chain store was restrained compared with the earlier protest where many demonstrators were charged with trespassing and assaulting police. Protest organiser Vashti […]

Ekka race day at Eagle Farm draws happy crowd

Clouds built and the breeze freshened but that wasn’t going to stop the thousands who came out for the annual Ekka races at Eagle Farm racecourse on Wednesday. The fake tan had been applied, suits ironed and hair curled. Most of the spectators, mainly aged in their 20s, had been preened to perfection – and […]

Miracle of birth at the Ekka

A variety of smells, sights and people greet you as you enter the gates of the RNA Showgrounds for 2011’s “Ekka” – the Brisbane Exhibition. The show itself has been running since 1876 and has changed a lot since. The first show bag was a bag of coal and it was given to everyone who […]

Ash Grunwald loves that life on the road

Ash Grunwald’s music is a mix of grungy folk dashed with a side of electric blues. His latest tour, “The Road Dog Diaries”, was named simply for the road tripping lifestyle he’s adopted. “It comes from the title of my blog and it is basically what I am – a road dog. Always moving and […]

Review: Snowtown

Snowtown is definitely not a movie for the faint-hearted. Directed by Justin Kurzel it’s based on the chilling murders in South Australia 10 years ago and show how the worst serial killer in Australia’s history manipulates those around him to believe the lies he tells. Lucas Pittaway plays Jamie Vlassakis as an unsuspecting teenager who […]

Not only homeless need food hand-outs – Council

Hand-outs of food, linen and toiletries are needed not only by the homeless, but by many other Brisbane people facing difficulties, including those suffering marriage breakdowns or job loss. Brisbane City Council’s Geraldine Knapp said Homeless Connect was helping provide these people help where it’s needed including food and warm clothes to help rebuild their […]

Flood victims to get up to $80,000 to rebuild

Up to $80,000 will be available in the third round of payments to victims of the recent wave of natural disasters in Queensland, Premier Anna Bligh told Parliament today. She said there were thousands of Queenslanders whose homes were not destroyed but who sustained considerable damage. “The third funding round will extend to those people […]

Street poll: Should euthanasia be legalised?

Euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is reportedly looking for a location in Adelaide to build Australia’s first euthanasia clinic. A bill to allow doctor-assisted euthanasia is close to being passed by the South Australian parliament – but there are mixed opinions on this issue. We went to Queen Street Mall to find out people’s opinions […]

Street poll: What did you think of the Oscars?

With the US film industry’s annual Academy Awards having their big event last night, we asked Brisbane people whether they watched the telecast of the ceremony – and what they thought of it. Camera and production supervision: David Douglas Stuart

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