Not only homeless need food hand-outs – Council

Hand-outs of food, linen and toiletries are needed not only by the homeless, but by many other Brisbane people facing difficulties, including those suffering marriage breakdowns or job loss.

Brisbane City Council’s Geraldine Knapp said Homeless Connect was helping provide these people help where it’s needed including food and warm clothes to help rebuild their lives.

“We as a council could actually make a difference,” Cr Knapp said at this week’s Council meeting.

She said it wasn’t just the homeless seeking these services but also those “living on the margins” who were lining up to receive goods donated from several charities including the Salvation Army.

Cr Knapp, who chairs the council’s Family and Community Services committee, also revealed an encounter she had several years ago with a homeless woman which put into perspective the struggles those living on the street face day to day.

“When you are homeless, sometimes people don’t even speak to you for two weeks,” the woman told Cr Knapp.

The initiative, supported by agencies such as Centrelink, assists those in a supportive and dignified way.

Volunteering Queensland, who have been a major sponsor of the program provided nearly 400 volunteers this year which Cr Knapp called “terrific”.

But Homeless Connect doesn’t only want to provide a hot meal to the homeless – it seeks to help them get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

“The main aim of Homeless Connect was and always is a way to connect people to those services that are essential to them,” Cr Knapp said.

To find out more information and how to help, please visit the Homeless Connect website,

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