Street poll: Should euthanasia be legalised?

Euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is reportedly looking for a location in Adelaide to build Australia’s first euthanasia clinic.

A bill to allow doctor-assisted euthanasia is close to being passed by the South Australian parliament – but there are mixed opinions on this issue.

We went to Queen Street Mall to find out people’s opinions on this controversial topic.

One Response to “Street poll: Should euthanasia be legalised?”
  1. June says:

    Legislation should be changed to allow CHOICE for adult Australians who are suffering intolerable without any hope of a cure to be able to have physician assisted dying. We don’t allow our pets to suffer in similar circumstances, the veterinarian would have to face charges if he did so why do we lack compassion for our fellow man? The guidelines in the current private members bills being presented to the South Australian parliament and later this year in Tasmania will prevent misuse of such legislation.

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