Johnston thrown out of council meeting amid cover-up claims

Independent councillor Nicole Johnston was suspended for eight days yesterday after claiming a “cover-up” by Brisbane City Council. Cr Johnston received a suspension warning from council chairman Cr Margaret de Wit when she continued to refer to the Queensland Ombudsman’s recent review into code of conduct complaints matters. Cr de Wit repeatedly ordered Cr Johnston to resume her seat. “It is not a report that deals with the ombudsman or issues with the ombudsman,”... Read More

Green and gold welcome for Olympic athletes

The CBD was transformed into a sea of green and gold as fans lined the streets to catch a glimpse of Australia’s Olympic athletes after their return from London. Crowds in their thousands filled Queen Street Mall at midday on Friday to see about 80 athletes for the official Brisbane welcome home parade. Excited Olympians stopped to mingle with the equally excited crowd by signing autographs and posing for photos with their fans. Crowd favourite Sally Pearson led the parade,... Read More

Axed $57m skills program ‘not our responsibility’ – minister

A $57 million initiative had been axed because it was not the state government’s responsibility, according to Queensland’s Minister for Education. The Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative had helped 57,000 Queenslanders find jobs and a return would have been made on the funds within 12 months, the Leader of the Opposition told parliament yesterday. Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek said although this initiative included worthy programs... Read More

Springborg calls for more federal health funding

A lack of long-term federal government funding could threaten Queensland’s health system, according to the state health minister. Lawrence Springborg said the federal Ggovernment needed to do more than just fund the initial start-up costs for health programs. “What we are seeing with regard to a range of projects which have been developed in Queensland is that the Commonwealth government is very happy to come forward with some of the seed money, but then a little bit further... Read More

Newman government in debt to the power of metaphor

The contentious issue of government debt saw a medley of metaphors hurled across the chamber during question time in State Parliament. Answering a question yesterday from Labor MP Curtis Pitt about the government’s plans to lift debt to $85 billion by 2014-15, Premier Campbell Newman said the government was like an aircraft in a power dive. “I have said time and time again that what we have inherited is like an aircraft diving from 30,000 feet into the debt,” he said. “We... Read More

Angry fire fighters and ambos march on Parliament

Boots were thrown at Parliament House during a lunchtime demonstration on Tuesday by hundreds of fire fighters and ambulance officers protesting against altered work conditions. Frontline emergency workers challenged Premier Campbell Newman to walk in their boots before his government implemented any changes. The protesters gathered at Southbank before heading to Parliament House to protest against the government’s latest work offer. State secretary of the United Fire Fighters... Read More

Nurses launch campaign to put pressure on government

The Queensland Nurses Union has launched a campaign to convince the government of the importance of nurses’ work. The union says rumours about job and service cuts are unsettling members and lowering morale. Union secretary Beth Mohle said today the union was launching a positive marketing campaign to remind government of the important role nurses and midwives play in the community. “The community values this role and governments need to actually fund it appropriately... Read More

More than 400,000 attend Ekka

After selling 180,000 Dagwood dogs and 100,000 Strawberry Sundaes, Queensland’s largest annual event – the Ekka – has closed for another year. In the 135th running of the show more than 400,000 people attended the 10-day festival, showcasing the best of the Country in the City. According to the RNA more than 20,000 cheese toasties and three tonnes of yoghurt were sold and more than 15,000 wine samples were given away across the event. RNA chief executive Brendan... Read More

Brisbane remembers 50th anniversary of Vietnam War

Vietnam veterans have been honoured in a service to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Veterans marched from Brisbane’s Treasury Casino to ANZAC Square yesterday ahead of the memorial service for their fallen comrades. The march was led by the National Servicemen’s Memorial Pipes and Drums, with the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam taking up the rear. Queensland Vietnam Veterans’ Association president John Smith said... Read More

Horror budget for Queensland next month

Queensland is facing a “horror budget”, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said today. The shock statement came as Mr Seeney was announcing a pilot program to give mining royalties to regional communities. “This is going to be a horror budget. There’s not a lot of money available,” he said. “But I think it is important we get this program in place in a way we can build on. It won’t rebuild the Peak Downs Highway… but $60 million will be a start.” Queensland’s... Read More

Theatre-goers inspired to help disease victims

Brisbane audiences have opened their hearts to Alana Valentine’s play A Head Full of Love, donating more than $75,000 towards indigenous people with chronic kidney disease. The play, based on verbatim interviews with renal patients, blasts the myth that alcohol is a primary cause of indigenous kidney disease. Recent research by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare confirms diabetes causes more than 56 percent of indigenous end-stage kidney disease, requiring dialysis... Read More

Bodybuilder to defend her international title

One of Brisbane’s youngest bodybuilders has announced she’s training for three more competitions, just weeks after taking the Melbourne International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s International Figures title. Personal trainer Nicole Banney, 20, said she would defend her International Figures title on 29 September at the Brisbane INBA Classic. Then, just days later, she’ll hit the stage in Townsville, before heading to the Melbourne Nationals in October. Banney has... Read More

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

As the most highly anticipated film event of the year, the most obvious question is whether The Dark Knight Rises lives up to the hype. Director Christopher Nolan found great success when he re-introduced the world to the beloved Batman. There are many elements which make this film great – the portrayal of iconic Batman characters, a plot which is a worthy conclusion to the Batman trilogy, and a soundtrack which will have your heart pounding from the opening set piece all... Read More

Iron men face death risk

About one in 200 Australians may not know a potential killer lurks in their blood: iron. Haemochromatosis, described as “an inherited iron overload disorder”, was little known, but easily treated, medical specialists said at a seminar last week. Those at risk are descended from Vikings or Celts. Queensland Institute of Medical Research hosted the seminar for lay and professional people as a lead-in to Haemochromatosis Awareness Week. Haemochromatosis Australia’s GP liaison... Read More

Abbott calls on Facebook to be responsible

Opposition leader Tony Abbott called for responsible conduct by social media site Facebook over anti-Aboriginal comments on a controversial page. “I am strongly in support of Facebook and other social media sites acting in a responsible manner,” he said. He said he was speaking in advance of a trip to North Queensland to visit Aurukun as a guest of the Cape York Institute together with high profile company chiefs. However Mr Abbott reiterated his opposition to the... Read More

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