Abbott calls on Facebook to be responsible

Opposition leader Tony Abbott called for responsible conduct by social media site Facebook over anti-Aboriginal comments on a controversial page.

“I am strongly in support of Facebook and other social media sites acting in a responsible manner,” he said.

He said he was speaking in advance of a trip to North Queensland to visit Aurukun as a guest of the Cape York Institute together with high profile company chiefs.

However Mr Abbott reiterated his opposition to the clause of the Racial Discrimination Act that led to the conviction of Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt last year.

“I strongly support prohibitions on racial vilification. I strongly oppose any law that enables political censorship,” he said.

Mr Abbott said he opposed “censorship of ordinary give and take in political debate”.

The Opposition leader was speaking at the opening day of the Brisbane Exhibition where he continued his attack on the Government’s carbon tax.

“The problem with the carbon tax, it’s going to be a wrecking ball for our economy,” he said.

The agriculture sector would be most impacted by the tax, which would cost the sector $3 billion and reduce revenue by 6 percent a year.

“Every time the power bill goes up, the Prime Minister’s got a smile on her face, because that’s the carbon tax doing its work,” he said.

“If it doesn’t increase the price of your power the carbon tax is not doing its job.”

Mr Abbott toured the Ekka alongside RNA President David Thomas, meeting showgoers, tasting scones and trying the iconic Strawberry Sunday.

“This is a fabulous and iconic Queensland event,” he said.

He met local school children and excused them for having a day off.

“We normally don’t encourage it but it’s for a good cause.”

Australian of the year Geoffrey Rush also toured the show today with young Australian of the year Marita Cheng. The pair came face to face with some of Australia’s largest beef cattle as part of their tour.

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  1. Tom Mallow says:

    Great yarn boys, good to see our pollies getting involved in issues.

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