Vegans predict a meat-free future

More people would go vegan in the future because eating animal products was an unsustainable practice, according to a Brisbane dietician. The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland co-founder and dietician Amanda Benham said the popularity of veganism would continue to increase. “The human race has no choice but to move away from eating animal products for environmental reasons… and in order to feed our population,” she said. Mrs Benham, who became a vegan in 1983, said... Read More

How I tried to make a meal of Megadeath

Off the Wall Diner is a humble burger joint in Wellington Point that says without hyperbole and on the authority of Guinness World Records that it makes the world’s spiciest burger. The technical measure of spice heat is a “Scoville unit”. By virtue of some secret chilli concoction, Off the Wall’s “Megadeath Burger” has a claimed 5.5 million Scoville units – 10 percent stronger than United States police pepper spray. To eat the burger, patrons must sign a legal... Read More

Sex offenders to be tracked by GPS

Satellite tracking of almost 70 sex offenders will start in Queensland next week. Police and Corrective Services Minister Neil Roberts hopes all offenders will be fitted with the new technology by the beginning of 2012. Each device, using GPS technology, will cost more than $200,000 per offender. Abakus Elmotech Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of 3M was awarded the contract to supply the tracking devices. “Abakus Elmotech was selected following a rigorous procurement process to ensure... Read More

Koch urges journalists to be a voice for the voiceless

Young journalists should be critical but not cynical, urged Walkley award-winning journalist Tony Koch at Jschool’s annual graduation ceremony on Friday. Mr Koch, who received an honorary doctorate from Jschool in recognition of his contribution to journalism, said recruits to journalism should uphold the values of the profession and respect their role in society. They should be a “voice for the voiceless”, bringing the plight of marginalised groups to the attention... Read More

Juror’s migraine halts trial

A migraine attack has stopped a District Court trial in Brisbane. A woman in the jury suffered the migraine yesterday afternoon, drawing a complaint from a defence barrister who was worried she hadn’t been paying attention. The jury member listened to barrister Lars Falcongreen’s final statement in the morning but was unable to continue after the break. Mr Falcongreen said he was concerned the woman had not been able to pay attention to his statement. The woman assured... Read More

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