Juror’s migraine halts trial

A migraine attack has stopped a District Court trial in Brisbane.

A woman in the jury suffered the migraine yesterday afternoon, drawing a complaint from a defence barrister who was worried she hadn’t been paying attention.

The jury member listened to barrister Lars Falcongreen’s final statement in the morning but was unable to continue after the break.

Mr Falcongreen said he was concerned the woman had not been able to pay attention to his statement.

The woman assured Justice Richard Jones she had heard and understood the defence counsel despite having to close her eyes due to sensitivity to the room’s lighting.

Justice Jones said he understood how painful migraines could be and told the woman she should not be embarrassed.

The final statements in the trial of a Morooka woman who pleaded not guilty to charges of wounding and causing grievous bodily harm were expected to finish yesterday.

The trial resumed after 2pm but Justice Jones’ final comments were cut short as the juror felt nauseous.

The judge said he hoped the next day would give the jury an opportunity to hear his statement and come to a unanimous decision.

“Today’s been a bit fractured,” he said.

The trial will resume on Wednesday at 10am.

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