Harry Brumpton

How I tried to make a meal of Megadeath

Off the Wall Diner is a humble burger joint in Wellington Point that says without hyperbole and on the authority of Guinness World Records that it makes the world’s spiciest burger. The technical measure of spice heat is a “Scoville unit”. By virtue of some secret chilli concoction, Off the Wall’s “Megadeath Burger” has a […]

Building workers rally in city

Hundreds of angry construction workers have marched on the Commonwealth Law Courts building to protest over contracts. In their second major protest this year the workers took action yesterday against alleged sham contracting in the construction industry. About 500 workers from four unions stopped work to protest the court’s recent finding against them, as well […]

Review: Faustus

Queensland Theatre Company and the Bell Shakespeare’s immersion into necromancy, incest, rape, and self-mutilation somehow makes for a good night at the theatre. Like Dr Faustus who in compact with Lucifer brings the dead to life, director Michael Gow has revived the Faust myth itself: that old and prolific parable of the spineless genius who […]

Fire in Valley nightclub

Fire engines rushed to put out a fire in a Fortitude Valley nightclub mid-afternoon Friday. Police confirmed that at least 12 emergency services personnel, including two fire engines, two police wagons, and one ambulance rushed to the scene automatically after fire alarms were activated at The Jungle nightclub in McLachlan Street. They said fire officers […]

Chains of office cost ratepayers thousands of dollars

Brisbane’s lord mayor has defended expenditure of almost $4000 for renewal of his chains of office. Responding to Opposition claims at yesterday’s Council meeting that thousands of dollars had been spent cleaning the chains – worn by lord mayors at official ceremonies – Cr Graham Quirk said most of the cost was for making and […]

Street poll: What did you think of the Budget?

The Gillard Government’s first budget drew praise and criticism from Brisbane people after its unveiling this week. People interviewed by Newsbytes praised increased expenditure on mental health, while criticising the free desktop box policy for pensioners. Comments on the budget included “tough on the right things”, “not for the people”, “bland”, “could do more for […]

Street poll: Do we need a publicly-funded National Broadband Network?

The National Broadband Network is the largest single infrastructure investment in Australian history, with an estimated cost of $35.7 billion. The federal government hopes the network, which may perform up to one thousand times faster than current average wireless, will mean immediate advantages in education, health, and even civic spirit. But reception to the plan […]

Government losing obesity battle

Problems with weight are getting the better of her, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh admitted yesterday. Not personally – Ms Bligh said her government had found itself underperforming in its aim to combat the rising obesity numbers among the Queenslanders. “It is a very serious issue for our health system,” Ms Bligh said. “We are not […]

Street poll: the future of bookstores

Many brick-and-mortar bookstores are faced with the fact that readers are increasingly buying books in digital form or from internet marketplaces. Borders bookchain in the United States announced bankruptcy last month and the Australian chain announced voluntary administration the next day. We came to the Borders store in Brisbane’s CBD to ask shoppers if they […]

Street poll: Should drivers be banned from using hands-free mobile phones?

Among proposals for new laws to help reduce road accidents, the Australian Transport Council has called for a ban on hands-free mobile phone conversations by motorists. We asked Brisbane people what they thought of the idea.

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