Jarrad Hunt

Sex offenders to be tracked by GPS

Satellite tracking of almost 70 sex offenders will start in Queensland next week. Police and Corrective Services Minister Neil Roberts hopes all offenders will be fitted with the new technology by the beginning of 2012. Each device, using GPS technology, will cost more than $200,000 per offender. Abakus Elmotech Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of 3M […]

At least 87 dead in Norway massacre

At least 87 people are confirmed dead in the worst attack on Norway’s soil since World War II, with the number expected to rise. A bomb that exploded outside Oslo’s government quarter yesterday has so far claimed the lives of seven people and injured many more. Shortly afterward the blasts a man posing as a […]

Explosions rock Oslo

Two powerful explosions have rocked Oslo’s government-quarter and forced the evacuation of Norway’s prime minister Jens Stoltenberg. At least eight people have been confirmed injured in the apparent terrorist attack. Smoke is said to have engulfed the area after the first bomb exploded at 3:20pm local time. “It blew up like hell,” one eye-witness told […]

Street poll: Should Australia go nuclear?

The long-running debate over whether Australia should follow other countries in introducing nuclear power has been given a new dimension with the impact of Japan’s tragic earthquake on its nuclear plants. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said this week Australia had “abundant solar, wind, geothermal, tidal” sources of power and “we don’t think nuclear energy is […]

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