Street poll: Should we ban the burqa?

France has passed laws to ban the wearing of the burqa in public places.

The ban has attracted criticism from many people, including human rights groups, but some say there should be similar laws in Australia.

We asked people in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall what they thought.

3 Responses to “Street poll: Should we ban the burqa?”
  1. mehranbiz says:

    Why women wear Brassier and burqa ?
    Due to lack of fitness
    Due to fashion or culture
    Due to complex
    Firm fitt and healthy breasts do not need the support of any artificial thing like bra to prominent them, In west people hate those females who artificially shows our breasts through bra’s and girls always stay without bra because they are confident on our figure and like to live in our innocent natural curves
    In most asian/middle eastern countries Women have less difference between her waist and breasts size, Without bra its difficult for local women to show our curves naturally and she always use bra to look feminine, 99.9% women have this problem and in complex to prominent our breasts through an artificial way with brassiers and burqa is hide all defects of body

  2. sarah says:

    Mehranbiz: you need to learn how to write

  3. Collette Le Roux says:

    Yes ban it, stop women from covering themselves!

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