Street poll: Should women be in frontline combat?

Triggered by the Skype sex scandal, the Government has brought forward the initiative which would lift the ban on women in frontline combat positions.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith said people’s roles in the forces should be based on their physical and intellectual capacity, not gender.

“It opens up all of the leadership roles for women in defence – and that’s an unambiguously good thing,” he said.

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott supports the move, but he has questioned the Government’s timing.

“This issue is unconnected with the ADFA issue and you wonder why the Government has suddenly thrown this into the mix,” he said.

“It does seem like a Government in search of a distraction.”

Women can currently perform in 93 percent of defence positions in the ADF.

If the change is implemented, Australia would join New Zealand, Canada and France, who already have women on the frontline.

One Response to “Street poll: Should women be in frontline combat?”
  1. swith says:

    What a nonsense argument ! Women are not capable of equally challenging a male at any level, anyone who believes otherwise is not honest or aware of their surroundings. Surroundings which are 100% the product of male emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual power! Women can only follow, and never lead! They are mentored to “lead” through dedicated special training; a feat that comes natural to males! The standard is the male. Whether it be mental, physical or emotional tasks, males will beat women 100% of the time (beaten even by sick males and even, as seen in your current schooling system where you have fully mature women (age 16 and above) competing against non fully mature males (males are fully mature at 18 and above); a two year maturity is still not enough for 4 women to compete equally! Whats that? they do ? HAHA today’s lessons are watered down garbage- even mathematics and poetry had to be taught differently to accommodate female “students”! Politics is what it comes down to! Off you go, go and fight the men you imbeciles(real men). Some creatures are only taught by the rod, and it seems a small minority of today’s women and men need that lesson, so send them!

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