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Private sector jobs under threat – Opposition

Job reductions in the public sector will threaten thousands of jobs in the private sector, according to the Queensland Opposition. Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk told Parliament Premier Campbell Newman’s “slash and burn” approach to government was “not only costing thousands of government jobs but also threatening thousands of jobs in the private sector”. Mr Newman […]

Refugee begins new life in Australia after eight years a prisoner of war

Ethiopian Geteye Teka Fantabil is thrilled to show his Australian citizenship after escaping death and being released from eight years’ captivity. In the year 2000, aged 28, Geteye was trained by Ethiopia’s government to go to war against Eritrea. He went to the outpost Zela Ambesa without really knowing the reasons. “I saw many people […]

Mixed reception for speed cameras as 0.7 million booked

With almost 700,000 Queenslanders booked for speeding last year, the government denies speed cameras are used mainly for revenue-raising. Speed cameras brought in $69 million in revenue last year, while more than 110,000 people have been booked in the first two months of this year. A Newsbytes street poll has found people divided about traffic […]

France takes a left turn

François Hollande has been elected president of France with 51.7 percent of the 35 million votes cast in Sunday’s election. His opponent Nicolas Sarkozy received 48.3 percent of the national vote. Mr Hollande is the first Socialist president since the end of François Mitterrand’s second term in 1995. Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been president for […]

Insults fly as French presidential candidates joust

Tension ran high in yesterday’s three-hour debate between French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his Socialist rival François Hollande. Every issue, from immigration to the economy to Afghanistan, was an opportunity for the two candidates to launch into a war of words. Mr Hollande said he protected children instead of favouring the rich, referring to Sarkozy’s […]

Sales of Legacy badges help those left behind

Soldiers were out in force on Brisbane streets today selling badges for the welfare charity, Legacy, which helps more than 100,000 widows, 1900 children and disabled dependants of combat veterans. Badge-sellers said Anzac Day was an opportunity for serving members of the defence forces to take part in preserving the memory of soldiers, sailors and […]

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