Support for Nick D’Arcy in street poll

A Newsbytes street poll has found people support controversial swimmer Nick D’Arcy competing in the 200m butterfly at the London Olympics.

D’Arcy will fulfil his childhood dream in just less than two months’ time when he swims for Australia at the Olympics.

Nick D’Arcy was charged with assault after a brawl with former Commonwealth Games triple gold medallist Simon Cowley just hours after being named in the 2008 Olympics Swimming squad.

Last December D’Arcy declared bankruptcy after the courts ordered him to pay Cowley more than $180,000 in damages.

Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates told Ten News that D’Arcy has learnt his lesson.

“I’m satisfied that he has learnt his lesson and that he understands the standards required to be a member of our team,” he said.

In the Newsbytes poll Kevin of Brisbane said that D’Arch should pay the price just like sport stars from other sports.

“Now that he is going, he should be made to repay the money because he is going to make a lot of money from being in the Olympics,” he said.

Liz of Brisbane said that everyone deserved a second chance.

“How many guys have you seen punch someone uptown and get away with it, it was just a normal teenager, young adult thing to do,” she said.

The Games of XXX Olympiad will run from 27 July, with D’Arcy in the pool from Monday 30 July.

2 Responses to “Support for Nick D’Arcy in street poll”
  1. Paulo says:

    I am the second one in the video. I just hope he doesn’t get a medal from my country. I got nice days in Australia and I am sure you guys are going to do alright in the pool as ever.

    My best wishes.

  2. Paulo says:

    Congrats to Queensland girls for the first gold.

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