Street poll: Should drivers be banned from using hands-free mobile phones?

Among proposals for new laws to help reduce road accidents, the Australian Transport Council has called for a ban on hands-free mobile phone conversations by motorists. We asked Brisbane people what they thought of the idea.

Opponent of $900 handouts seeks Senate seat

The man who challenged the Rudd Government in the High Court over the constitutional legality of the $900 economic stimulus bonus will continue his campaign to “fix the federation” by standing as a Senate candidate in next month’s federal election. Law lecturer and former barrister Bryan Pape (pictured) told Newsbytes today he would file his […]

DNA tests catch mud crab fisherman

DNA testing played a major role in a Gladstone courtroom last Tuesday in the prosecution of a commercial fisherman who sold female mud crabs. The tests proved the muddies came from Queensland, not from the Northern Territory as the fisherman claimed. The fisherman changed his plea to guilty after being presented with the prosecution case that included DNA […]

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