Lana Lyric – a look that captures attention

By day Lana Lyric is a security professional, training security officers around the globe with a file hosting service. By night she is an artist in the music industry (as well as a performing artist, music producer and sound engineer) with her own company, working on her music as well as producing other artists’ work. “I’ve always loved music, I even wrote my own song at the age of 12, but it wasn’t until I had a dream at 17 that made me pursue it professionally,”... Read More

Dr Feelgood drummer Kevin Morris is an emotional rock

At 63, Dr Feelgood’s leader Kevin Morris still tries to thrash the drums as hard as he did when he joined the band in 1983. He seems reluctant to pass the torch to a generation either unwilling or unfit to wrest it from him. “We carry on touring because we all love it,” he told me in his calmly precise English accent. “I think it’s a huge privilege to be paid to travel the world and play music.” Speaking to Morris in London by phone before the band’s May... Read More

Small cell base stations ring alarm bells

Angry residents gathered in front of a telco base station this week to voice their concerns at health risks from electromagnetic radiation. They expressed their worries to Newsbytes about unknown dangers from a new type of device – small cell base stations – being installed in the Sydney eastern suburb of Kingsford by telecommunications company TPG to enhance mobile phone signals. Residents are concerned at possible health risks – especially to children –... Read More

Action urged on radiation risks

Worried Kingsford residents have turned to Randwick City Council for help after telecommunications company TPG began installing small cell base stations near homes and schools. They object to a lack of community consultation from the telco as well as the possible adverse health impacts – especially on children – of long term exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF). Concerned Winburn Ave resident Paul Sampson said he was concerned with both the... Read More

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