Review: Mine

Mine is a military thriller written and directed by the two Fabios – Guaglione and Resinaro – and starring Armie Hammer in the lead role of US Marine Mike Stevens. Sergeant Stevens and partner Tommy Madison wander into a desert mine field in a North African war zone after a mission unravels. Without disclosing too much, Stevens is stranded in the desert for 52 hours, where he must face a constant onslaught of physical and physiological battles. Hammer turns in a committed... Read More

Travelling the world on horseback

The first time I met Kate Pilcher we were sitting around a kids table doing readers with our young daughters. There’s no way I would have pinned her for a linguist who has spent more than two years living and working in Kenya as a horse guide. Fluent in Spanish and Swahili, Kate’s appearance captivated me: with her tall stature, long wavy brown hair, rugged jeans and riding boots, she was a stereotypical Aussie jillaroo, complete with a wide brimmed hat and a warm, welcoming... Read More

Brisbane’s best avo on toast?

You won’t find it on any top 10 list for the best avo on toast in Brisbane, but The Blue Poppy has to be a serious contender for that title. Maybe it’s being tucked away in the backstreets of suburban Morningside that stops this place getting the recognition it deserves. Still, despite its hidden location, the Poppy attracts a steady flow of customers, which shows they’ve got to be doing something right. The café was buzzing by the time I arrived for an early breakfast.... Read More

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