Travelling the world on horseback

Kate Pilcher – horse whisperer

The first time I met Kate Pilcher we were sitting around a kids table doing readers with our young daughters. There’s no way I would have pinned her for a linguist who has spent more than two years living and working in Kenya as a horse guide.

Fluent in Spanish and Swahili, Kate’s appearance captivated me: with her tall stature, long wavy brown hair, rugged jeans and riding boots, she was a stereotypical Aussie jillaroo, complete with a wide brimmed hat and a warm, welcoming smile.

The second time we met was when my daughter and I were invited to her home to see her seven horses, on a lush four-acre property in Mapleton backing onto creeks and rainforest.

She introduced me to one of her horses, Harusi, and told me her name meant ‘wedding’ in Swahili. I was intrigued.

It was then she told me all about her experience of leaving her life behind in Australia 10 years ago to work on a remote property in Kenya as a horse riding guide, practically non-contactable for 14 months.

Having been a lover of horses from a very early age, Kate, the former owner of Salt Magazine, is a talented photojournalist and writer who found a incredible way to merge two of her most beloved passions – travel and horses – by founding Globe Trotting.

Now in its tenth year, Globe Trotting is a boutique travel agency offering road-tested and individually recommended horse rides and safaris across the world.

“I just realised there was another way to travel,” said Kate.

“I know it sounds woo-woo, but horses are just spirited animals. They can see people for who they are, they feed off energy and they are just knowing. That captives me, and I love to be able to share this experience with others,” says Kate.

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