Top scientist seeks volunteers for allergy vaccine

Nobel Prize winning scientist Barry Marshall is calling for volunteers to help test a vaccine that could help allergy sufferers. Professor Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren won the Nobel Prize in 2005 for their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in causing inflammation in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Professor Marshall then began a new project with vaccine company Ondek to research drinkable vaccines using Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter is unique... Read More

Like a cheesy sitcom film set – and wonderful fun

As someone who thoroughly enjoys being indoors, curled up under a blanket, watching trashy TV or a good crime documentary, I wasn’t overly excited when my fiancé presented me with the idea of a camping trip. “It’ll be freezing!” I gasped, with what I’m sure was a horrified look on my face. Winter not being far behind us, I was vividly imagining myself sitting on a rickety camp chair, shivering with tiny icicles forming on my eyebrows. Alas, I agreed to the impending... Read More

The Nobel-winning scientist who made himself sick

A scientist makes a discovery challenging the medical establishment, his research isn’t taken seriously by his peers and in desperation to prove he’s right he experiments on himself. Sounds like the plot from a campy sci fi movie, doesn’t it? Proving real life is stranger than fiction, Professor Barry Marshall got his Nobel Prize doing just that. Kalgoorlie born, Professor Marshall is part of an elite group, one of only 15 Australians to win a prestigious Nobel Prize. Professor... Read More

Hipster-cool comes to the suburbs

Hipster trend no. 54 – open a café in a previously uncool suburban shopping strip, add some bare brick and graffiti, offer simple but appealing and well-cooked fare, and voila – you have a bustling hipster-cool business. Hipster-cool has come to the semi-rural eastern Brisbane suburb of Gumdale in the form of Cement. It’s so cool even Brisbane locals would be forgiven for not knowing where Gumdale is, let alone Cement. A lot of people are seemingly discovering this... Read More

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