Street poll: Should Osama bin Laden have been shot or captured?

Ten years after 9/11 US special forces shot and killed bin Laden in a raid on his house in Pakistan.

His body was hastily buried at sea. Two different versions of the attack and the manner of bin Laden’s death have so far been released by the US government.

Some commentators such as QC Geoffry Robertson have said the US should have tried bin Laden in a public court as with the Nuremberg trials after World War II.

This would help dispel the myth that he was a mystical hero to many Muslims and prevent him becoming a pure martyr “having died in battle fighting the infidels” and creating an example and rallying point for others to follow.

The power of symbolic martyrs in history often grows in influence after death.

We asked Brisbane people whether they believed bin Laden should have been tried in a court of law or shot on sight.

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