Craig Cobbin

How Formula One improves our cars

With Australian Mark Webber (pictured) among the leaders in the 2011 Formula One series, it gives us spur to ponder the impact this global sport has had on our ordinary road cars over the years. Webber recorded the fastest lap at Abu Dhabi this month and is fourth overall. Ever wondered why brakes work better […]

Libs attacked over tobacco policy

Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says she is  disappointed Opposition Leader Tony Abbott won’t support all the measures that would deliver the world’s first plain packaging for tobacco products. The  Australian Medical Association has backed the plain packaging reforms and awarded the Australian Government their annual tobacco award for the policy. “You have to wonder whether […]

Bligh calls for more optimism

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has called for less pessimism and more optimism about the economy from Australia’s politicians. “We are better placed than just about any other country on earth at the moment, but I don’t think that is how Australians feel,” she said yesterday. Australians were at risk of falling into a self-defeating mood, […]

Review: X-Men: First Class

This is an example of Hollywood’s worst commercial instincts and its continued decline from the heights of classic, original well-acted movies. It features generational audience targeting – the mocking of Gen Y’s intelligence – and a moronic storyline sparsely dotted with good acting performances but excellent special effects. Its interesting concept of human evolution that […]

Katter’s party declares war on Coles and Woolies

North Queensland independent federal MP Bob Katter today launched a new party – as well as a broadside against the powerful supermarket duopoly in Australia. Mr Katter said he wanted laws that no one company can control more than 22 percent of Australia’s grocery market – compared with the 85 percent he says is controlled […]

Ship of the future glides into Brisbane

A load of “boat people” sailed up the Brisbane River on Sunday. It was a hi-tech solar ship with a crew of Europeans on a mission to prove that an entirely solar-powered ship can sail around the world. As the futuristic, flat topped, bat-winged marine wonder silently and efficiently sliced up the Brisbane river against […]

Thousands of building workers march through city

About 3000 building workers held a good-natured but noisy rally in Brisbane today claiming underpayment for government projects. After marching through the city, building workers filled the huge leafy garden terraces at the executive building in George Street where they were addressed by union officials who called through loud speakers for “a peaceful and loud […]

Street poll: Should Osama bin Laden have been shot or captured?

Ten years after 9/11 US special forces shot and killed bin Laden in a raid on his house in Pakistan. His body was hastily buried at sea. Two different versions of the attack and the manner of bin Laden’s death have so far been released by the US government. Some commentators such as QC Geoffry […]

Newman’s first opponent comes out swinging

For Campbell Newman to become Premier he must first defeat Minister for the Environment Kate Jones in the seat of Ashgrove. Ms Jones today fired her first broadside in defence of her job by asking the parliamentary Opposition leader if under Campbell Newman the LNP would continue to oppose the 2006 reduction of tree clearing. […]

Shadow boxing begins in Parliament

The battle between the Government and an Opposition without a leader in the chamber was launched today. This was the unofficial first day of a long, unusual election campaign. The anointed leader of the LNP, ex-Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, arrived at 9.15am and signed in (“C. Newman”) as a guest of the Opposition at […]

Street poll: Should we still be in Afghanistan?

Australian troops went into Afghanistan as part of the United States-led response to the 9/11 attacks. Ten years have passed. We asked people in Brisbane if Australian troops should still be there.

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