Street poll: Should Australia go nuclear?

The long-running debate over whether Australia should follow other countries in introducing nuclear power has been given a new dimension with the impact of Japan’s tragic earthquake on its nuclear plants.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said this week Australia had “abundant solar, wind, geothermal, tidal” sources of power and “we don’t think nuclear energy is right for this country”.

Newsbytes took to the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane to ask people if they thought Australia should introduce nuclear power as an alternative energy source to coal and gas.

6 Responses to “Street poll: Should Australia go nuclear?”
  1. James I says:

    So out of all of those interviewed only ONE person actually had an experience of Nuclear Power. The gentleman from France (80% power from nuclear) would in this context be an expert. Australian’s are very ignorant and uninformed on nuclear power.

    It is safe. It is efficient. It has the highest power density of any power source. France has 62 million people. Imagine the pollution from coal fired power plants to heat and provide power to 62 million people.

    Solar power…wind…haha what a joke. get serious Julia and the people of Australia stop being so ignorant. Do your homework and become informed.

    With Nuclear power you can create your own fuel, desalinate sea water and provide enormous power output. We could green Australia and make this nation great. If only…

  2. Danny says:

    Ask the people in Japan how safe they feel…

  3. Jonathan says:

    Ok, seriously these people have no clue as to what the benefits are to having nuclear power! as James said in the latest comment he mentioned it can provide everything of our demands and habits that require electrcity, for less of the cost of using and burning fossil fuels; stuff that is not renewable nor is it not as green as nuclear. And to all of those who said they don’t want it because of what is happening in Japan right now, hardening up you wimps! Seriously, we will never get earthquakes like that, and we have a 99.9% chance that a Chernobyl incident won’t happen down here if we had it because the guys in that place deliberately overrided the whole intake which lead to the doom of Chernobyl. It’s a shame and embarresment on our country that a lot of us can’t realise the great positives there are to nuclear energy, it’s just too bad that they are sucked in to corporate media lies and deceit that they listen to them and believe them. Australia, needs to go nuclear, then build the weapons and subs and aircraft carriers to fend off the ever expanding army and its assets of China & India! Harden the fuck up Australia you wimpy bums!

  4. In a decade or so Countries like China n India and other’s which take the hard yards to switch Nuclear will leave us behind in time as the growth in green groups in Aust will place greater control over the agender in industry as they’ll have their wealfare mentality with weekend markets n economy that can only manufacture not much more than beer n bricks with foreign tourist.

  5. Tom says:

    I have been reading up on this and can say that australia needs to go necular. our population densities are aroung the coast lines. if a reactor was to be put in the uninhabited part of westaern australia or any state in that fact. if ther was a melt down nothing would happen as a containment sheld would already be build. assaid chyrnobal and fuckashima where diffrent types of reactors(sorry for bad spelling)to what is being usedtoday. fuckashima was ment to be decomissions 5+ years ago and is old technoligy approx 20+ years old. if austrlaia dosent go necular we will all go down. oh and an instring fack on turbines wind that is. they last for about 20 years.; ok thats fine but to equil the amount of recorses and power thwy would have to be spinning 24/7 for 25 years. turbines are so innaficent its stupid and austrlaian govenment wants to power austrlia off of this. pfft the austrlain govenment is stupid

  6. Matthew E says:

    Simple fact the tree hugers need to face is if they want to stop carbon emissions the cheapest and most effective way to do it in a short amount of time is by nuclear power,

    They say it’s dangerous for Australia, But we dont have any major fault lines, The only tsunami that has hit Australia in last couple decades destroyed a whole 2 4×4’s on the North Western Australian beach… my god the carnage.. 2 car’s gone/.. was horrible c ant have a nuclear reactor with that danger around can we??

    Bush fires are no problem as just to piss off the greenies we will chop down all the tree’s 1km around the reactor =], provides safety from bush fires and allow’s good field of view to spot those terrorists that will try and fail at blowing up the reactor.. Suprising with everyone saying that the terrorists will attack them but how many have had the terrorists attack?? None!

    Oh and why Chyrnoble was bad was the crew maning the reactor was ill trained, So dont leave trainees in charge, Fukishima was bad becouse the generator that was ment to power several of the safety features in case of emergency was in the Basement.. which got flooded so those safety features never where able to kick in.. So dont leave the generator in the basement.

    Australia has to be the SAFEST country in the world to build a nuclear reactor…

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