Another scoop for Newsbytes

For the second week in a row Newsbytes has beaten all major Queensland television and multimedia news services with our exclusive coverage of dramatic scenes in the Brisbane City Council.

Video-journalist David Stuart recorded the only video footage of the expulsion of independent councillor Nicole Johnston from last night’s meeting.

Keeping to his post long after other camera crews departed, Stuart captured the refusal of Johnston to leave the chamber when ordered to do so by chair Krista Adams, as well as the calling of police to escort Johnston from the building. He worked into the early hours of this morning to edit and voice his sensational story.

Other media pounced on Newsbytes‘ exclusive today: we shared with some, while others (in particular Channel Nine) helped themselves to the YouTube source without our permission. We’re happy to have given the old hands in the media a few pointers on news value and the virtue of hanging around.

Congratulations again to David Stuart for a great piece of work.

[Earlier scoop]

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  1. Gill Booysen says:

    Congratulations – just shows what JSchool and Newsbytes ” Can Do”

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