Police evict rebel Brisbane councillor – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Police were called to evict independent Nicole Johnston from tonight’s Brisbane City Council meeting when she refused to obey a suspension order.

Four police officers escorted Cr Johnston from the building after being called by council chair Krista Adams.

Cr Johnston had refused to leave after Cr Adams suspended her for eight days following angry clashes in the chamber.

“This is a joke. You cannot keep doing this,” she said to Cr Adams after being suspended for the eleventh time. “I’ve done nothing. I’ve raised points of order.”

Cr Adams said she had repeatedly warned Cr Johnston, a former member of Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party team.

“A continued interjection after you have been warned… (the) interjection is obviously an inappropriate conduct hence the suspension. I ask you to leave the chambers Councillor Johnston,” Cr Adams said.

Cr Johnston replied: “I think you should call the police tonight and have me removed. I’m not leaving.”

Cr Adams then adjourned the meeting for 20 minutes.

When council members returned to the chamber Cr Johnston still refused to leave. Cr Adams announced a dinner break and called the police.

Police arrived and spoke with Cr Johnston for 10 minutes. She agreed to leave with them.

Outside the meeting Cr Johnston said she had been unfairly suspended from council on a regular basis.

“For eight months I have been the victim of a political campaign against me to prevent me from speaking in this chamber,“ she said.

“Tonight I’ve had to take what I think are extreme measures to highlight the biased chairing of the meeting by Krista Adams… It’s time I took a stand.”

“I’m sorry that the Queensland Police Officers have been troubled by this tonight,” the Tennyson ward councillor said.

“But all that I have done tonight is to represent my residents, to stand up for them and to debate the important issues of this city which include my ward which has been flooded.”

After speaking with police in the council foyer Cr Johnston was allowed to leave.

She said she had not been charged.

“I just put on the record with them that I believe that I am being subjected to grossly political behaviour to expel me from council,” Cr Johnston said.

The meeting continued after the removal of Cr Johnston. Comment is being sought from Cr Adams.

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  1. Anthony Gough says:

    Great work DDS!

  2. Dear Lara says:

    Dear Lara

    Councillor Johnston is the only Councillor expelled for this behaviour because she is the only Councillor displaying this disgraceful tantrum behaviour. Grow up Nicole!!

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