Newsbytes has a scoop with exclusive video of historic day in Council

Newsbytes video-journalist David Stuart captured the only video record of Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman’s historic announcement to the council chamber of his decision to run for the Queensland Parliament. (See story.)

Although an army of television cameramen and reporters covered early stages of Tuesday’s shock meeting, only Stuart outlasted an Administration filibuster to be still filming when the long-awaited announcement was made.

He also captured footage of Labor Opposition leader Shayne Sutton’s fierce attack on Cr Newman for quitting office in a bid to become premier of Queensland, and the mayor’s angry response.

Two hours of tedious debate on drains, water prices and parks exhausted the patience of most media, who had expected Cr Newman to tell Council his plans soon after the meeting’s 2pm starting time. For most, the last straw was the calling of an afternoon tea break at 4pm, with debate continuing on a parks-related motion from independent councillor Nicole Johnston.

The electronic media packed up and left. Evening news telecasts had to rely on Cr Newman’s morning press conference, instead of the feisty debate that was to come in the council chamber.

Stuart, however, remained as the sole cameraman in a chamber where video media are usually barred, and filed his report on Tuesday night for publication in Newsbytes. He has also filed an exclusive video report on the controversy over whether the Council had a role in the delayed release of Wivenhoe Dam water before the Brisbane floods.

We’re proud to have this enterprising journalist as part of the Newsbytes and Jschool team.

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  1. M Onions says:

    Congratulations to Newsbytes and to Stuart. Thank goodness someone is still teaching the craft of journalism in Australia. Keep it up!

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