Devon-Rose Bright

Tree pruning could prove costly, councillors warn

Pruning of street trees could prove costly for Brisbane residents. People could face hefty fines for cutting too much off street trees, Opposition councillors warned at this week’s Brisbane City Council meeting. “It is a poor law because it is not in simple language and anyone who reads this local law is still left without […]

Labor claims secrecy on city plan

The city council administration is keeping information about changes to the new city plan secret, Opposition and independent councillors claimed at yesterday’s council meeting. Opposition leader Milton Dick asked the Lord Mayor what changes were being made to the plan after chair of the Neighbourhood Planning and Development Assessment committee Cr Amanda Cooper revealed the […]

Community groups call for end to domestic violence

Passionate community groups and talented young performers gathered in Brisbane yesterday to promote awareness of domestic family violence. It was a part of domestic violence prevention month. The Queen Street event, called “Out of the Shadows”, drew attention to the suffering of children and young adults as a result of abuse within families. A variety […]

Review: A Streetcar Named Desire

New Farm Nash Theatre Shuffles were seen from the audience as they leant forward in their seats, waiting in awe for that historic cry. “STELLAAAAAAA!” cried the slick Stanley, played by Tristan Ozinga. With a great, powerful scream, ears trembled and eyes widened. Would Stella take back her beloved Stanley? A cast of 10 brings […]

Empty chairs witness 18 domestic violence victims

Eighteen empty chairs symbolising the 16 Queensland women and two children who lost their lives last year to domestic violence captured the attention of onlookers at a Kangaroo Point candlelight ceremony on Wednesday night. On the two smaller, wooden chairs sat two teddy bears. The event, with guest speakers, a choir and candle lighting, launched […]

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