Review: ‘The Lovers’

René Magritte’s Les Amants (The Lovers) (1928) is a wonderful allegory of the ‘Love is blind’ adage. It is one of four artworks similarly composed, with different poses and backdrops. Each has the same image of two veiled lovers.Magritte has a flair for creating surrealist pieces with deeply evocative tones and simple themes. The La Trobe regional gallery in Morwell, Victoria, was fortunate enough to host... Read More

Home ownership dream fades

With the rising cost of living, historic rental shortages and booming house prices, the Labor government faces a tough task.Housing was a defining issue in the federal election, but according to Dr Heather Shearer, a researcher at Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute, there are no easy solutions.‘Housing affordability, unfortunately, is what urban scholars call a “wicked problem” because it’s just so complex and it’s got so many different variables,’... Read More

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