Make thyme for this five-star buffet restaurant

Thyme2 Interactive restaurant, Brisbane CBD This buffet-style restaurant is located within the Sofitel Brisbane Hotel, and as you would expect from a five-star hotel, the décor and atmosphere as you walk in are just beautiful. The buffet selection includes a variety of cheeses, salads, sushi, a brilliant selection of fresh seafood including Moreton Bay bugs, king prawns, mussels and oysters. The hot food section includes an array of meats, and options that change nightly. The... Read More

Art or just a crock of s—? Both!

Hidden deep in the bowels of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart is the Cloaca, known as the Poop Machine to fans and critics alike. It was designed and built by Belgium man Wim Delvoye who wanted to recreate the human digestive system as close as scientifically possible. The monstrous machine has a whole room and, understandably, a guide dedicated to its daily functions. As soon as you walk around the corner, you are hit with the pungent smell of a public toilet,... Read More

Paris lifts the spirits of jaded travellers

One would think that after seven hours in the company of 50 sniffling noses, sore throats and tired heads there would not be much excitement in the air. However, even viewed through a bus window, Paris is magical. We had been travelling around Europe for 20 days together, hitting cities for two days at a time and jamming in everything that we could. From the marvellous gothic skyline of Prague to the eternal city of Rome, we had seen a lot in a short amount of time and it was... Read More

Rental market leaves pet owners out in the cold

Pet owners on the Gold Coast are struggling to find accommodation, with many forced to relinquish their animals. Local James Healy said he found it difficult to find a pet-friendly rental for his small dog and cat. Despite being financially qualified, with full-time work and good pay, Mr Healy was refused repeatedly before an application was finally accepted. “It took two months, approved the day before I had to vacate – it was scary,” he said. The Animal Welfare League... Read More

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