Spat over taxi fare

A Cairns woman has been accused of spitting in the face of her taxi driver and stealing his phone. Police say the 32-year-old woman took the phone during the cab ride and when she arrived at her destination, left the cab to get money to pay the fare. When she returned to the taxi with another female who came to pay for her, she returned the phone but not before spitting in the face of the driver and yelling racial abuse at him, police said. The woman, who has been charged with... Read More

Spectacular lighting flash warns of coming storm

A spectacular bright flash and enormous explosion witnessed by Brisbane residents has been put down to a positively charged lightning strike, with a second sighted in the Ipswich area. After the flash and loud rumble, Higgins Storm Chasing’s Facebook page was inundated with comment about people’s own experiences of the lightning strike. Some described a blue glow, some said it was yellow and one resident said that the storm hadn’t even hit yet, which what was made the... Read More

Gas bottle explosion blamed for house fire

A gas bottle explosion is the possible cause of a fire that destroyed a house in Maryborough yesterday. The two-storey timber house was completely engulfed in flames by the time rural firefighters arrived at 11.30am. It is believed no one was home at Nangarin Rd house at Oakhurst, on the outskirts of Maryborough. A spokesperson for the Northcoast Firefighters said the house had now collapsed and that no neighbouring properties were at risk of fire. Two urban fire trucks and five... Read More

Lost boy winched to safety by chopper

A 15-year-old boy has an exciting story to tell after he was rescued by a helicopter from dense bushland on Fitzroy Island near Cairns yesterday. The boy went bushwalking with his carer and after reaching the lighthouse at the high point of the island, he left the track and became lost in bushland. Urgent calls to police led to a full search and rescue effort including water police and the Emergency Management police helicopter. He was found yesterday afternoon on the eastern... Read More

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