Fun run attracts thousands to support breast cancer research

Thousands gathered in Brisbane on Sunday to run in support of breast cancer research.

They were part of the 120,000 people Australia-wide taking part in the nation’s largest community fundraising event, the Mothers Day Classic.

The annual event gives people of any age or athletic ability the chance to take part in a 4.5km or 8km walk and run.

“Its a good opportunity to show the girls to get involved in things like this and to look after you body and be fit,” said one breast cancer survivor who brought her daughters along to the event.

All proceeds go towards aspects of breast cancer research including prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Almost $10 million has been raised since the event began in 1998.

One participant in this week’s event said he came in support of a friend who had died of breast cancer.

“I’m here to celebrate my friend’s life,” he said. “She died two years ago… she was a mother and she was a great mum.’

The event is an initiative of the Women in Super, a non-for-profit association that provides networking opportunities for women working in the superannuation and financial industries.

The success of the event would not be possible without the many volunteers who put in the time and effort to help run it.’

“For many years we’ve been supporting the Mother Day Fun Run… we find it a very important event,” a Lions Club representative said.

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