‘Death of democracy’ in Quirk appointment – Labor

The LNP’s move to appoint Graham Quirk as Brisbane’s new Lord Mayor is “another chapter in the death of democracy” according to Deputy Opposition leader, Milton Dick.

“We should be going to an election between Cr Quirk and Ray Smith (preselected Labor candidate for the mayoralty at the 2012 election),” he said.

“Because of the manipulation that has been going on behind the scenes, our ratepayers and the people of Brisbane are being denied that opportunity.”

Labor councillors voted against the installation of Cr Quirk as mayor at today’s special council meeting.

A general election is not necessary when the major resigns within one year of the next election (scheduled for March 2012). (Labor Party views appear to have changed since 2003, when the early retirement of Labor mayor Jim Soorley within 12 months of the 2004 election resulted in the party’s choice of then deputy Tim Quinn to become mayor. Quinn was defeated by Campbell Newman at the 2004 general election.)

The Labor candidate for mayor, Ray Smith, said today it didn’t matter to him that he was now running against a different opponent in 2012.

“Whether I’m running against Campbell Newman or whether I’m running against Graham Quirk, it really doesn’t matter. The issues to Brisbane residents remain the same,” he said.

“$2.2 million in debt for Brisbane, a debacle that is for Brisbane City Hall and King George Square, 6,200 parking metres aggressively rolled out, a failed toll tunnel with another $1.7 billion toll tunnel on its way – this is the legacy that Campbell Newman has left Graham Quirk, this is the mess that he needs to clean up,” he said.

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