Street poll: How do we stop bullying?

Bullying has again become a topic of discussion after the video of a schoolboy retaliating against his alleged tormentor circulated widely on the internet.

So how can we prevent bullying?

We asked people in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall if they had the answer.

3 Responses to “Street poll: How do we stop bullying?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with all of you. I say we teach students, adults, children, to retaliate an assert their right of security. A bully will continue to bully someone due to having the knowledge of being able to get away with it.
    Take the video of the schoolboy retaliating against ‘his alleged tormentor’, as you put it, my bet it the large schoolboy is no longer getting bullied by his ‘tormenter’. If he were, than the tormentor is truly an idiot.

    the large kid has enforced his power and respect – it is like weilding a samurai sword. Fighting fire with water. It is exactly how our legal system should work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Take myself when I was in grade 8 for example – I told teachers about how I was bullied, it still continued, authority doesn’t simply work unless you alienate the person – it was not until I took a stand that the bullies rain of torment ended.

  3. Abanob Saad says:

    Thank you for your response. Lets agree to disagree. I do not for one second, agree that violence or retaliation is by any means, a solution nor the right path to tackle bullying. The responses in the video were amazing, profound and rather wise in pathways to tackle bullying. Instead of cutting branches, let us get to the root of bullying. Too much branch cutting doesnt solve the problem, it excarebates it.

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