Street poll: Election slogans overused? [video]

With the federal election set for August 21, each major party has come up with a slogan to represent them throughout the election campaign.

But the Labor Party’s “Moving Forward” and the Liberal’s “Real Action” catchphrases have attracted criticism for being simplistic and condescending.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard defended her party’s slogan on the ABC’s 7.30 Report this week, saying they captured the spirit of Australia.

“I’ve been using those words because they mean something to me and I think they mean something to the nation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Opposition leader Tony Abbott said the election would focus on governance rather than slogans.

“The election isn’t about glib slogans. It’s about competent government that works for everyday Australians,” he said.

Newsbytes asked people in Queen Street Mall what they thought about the major parties’ slogans.

Camera: Anthony Gough
Production: David Stuart

2 Responses to “Street poll: Election slogans overused? [video]”
  1. Bradders says:

    “Tough on slogans and tough on the causes of slogans.” – Bill Bailey (Part Troll)

  2. brendan stuart says:

    slogan rhymes with bogan

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