Poll: smoking ban in Queen Street? [video]

In the last few days the public discussion around smoking in the Mall has fired up.

Brisbane City Council opposition leader Shayne Sutton is spearheading this movement.

“The issue of banning smoking in the Queen Street Mall is not new and organisations such as Cancer Council Queensland have been calling for the ban for some time,” Councillor Sutton said.

“This is something I believe the majority of Brisbane residents want to see introduced, and the ban would help improve the safety and amenity of our popular Queen Street Mall.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman acknowledged the popular support for the ban.

“The research has shown that overall there is strong public support for some form of restriction on smoking in the Queen Street Mall,” Cr Newman said.

“However, the issue is not clear cut. The broader population would like a total ban, but mall users and businesses support the introduction of designated smoking areas.”

Newsbytes asked members of the public if they thought smoking should be banned in the Mall.

Camera and production: David Stuart

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