‘Sexy’ light rail may help win Cwlth Games

The “sexy piece of infrastructure” that is light rail will be critical in securing the 2018 Commonwealth Games for the Gold Coast, according to Queensland government architect Phillip Follent.

While the event is still eight years away and preparation in its early stages, Mr Follent (pictured) said light rail, with correct planning and infrastructure, had the ability to bring the Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast.

On the back of her recent trip to Canada, Premier Anna Bligh said the Gold Coast would need to follow the example set by Vancouver in order to secure their Commonwealth Games.

“It’s good to see first-hand how a light rail system operates successfully. We can learn from international examples like this to make sure the Gold Coast rapid transit system is second to none,” Ms Bligh said.

Mr Follent said light rail had the power to influence the image of a city and that the Gold Coast was an ideal location for such infrastructure.

“In my view light rail is perfect for the Gold Coast because it’s a very long city which is easily served by a light rail that is then complemented by bus routes,” he said.

The efficiency of Queensland’s public transport and how it was used for major sporting events could also be used for the Commonwealth Games.

“Most people find that when someone else is managing the event and they don’t have to worry about gridlock or parking their cars, they’ll be very happy to find that there’s this public transportation put in place for them.”

Mr Follent said the location of sporting venues was crucial to determine whether or not light rail would serve these areas well.

“Light rail will be well and truly in place by 2013/14 and my hope is that by 2018 there will be an extra connection to Helensvale, running through Coomera and right up to Runaway Bay,” he said.

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