‘Show Me the Way to Go Home’: the short, splendid career of Mavis Ngallametta

Some paintings look impressive from a distance, others entice one to step closer to explore the details. Mavis Ngallametta’s remarkable large-scale works manage to do both, luring one in for a closer look, much like a fairy tale book with magnificent illustrations. ‘Show Me the Way to Go Home’ is a magical exhibition that showcases […]

Origin fans don’t come any marooner than Steve

Walking up the driveway, any lingering doubts about whether I’d arrived at the right address are immediately dispelled by the visually arresting maroon that smothers the front window of Stephen Swarts’ residence. I step through the doorway where I’m greeted by Swart, who’s donned his (what I imagine to be) characteristic Queensland jersey and beanie. […]

Street poll: What gift would you give the US president?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave United States president Barack Obama several Australian souvenirs during her recent visit to Washington, including a football, an ipod preloaded with Australian music and an opportunity to taste Vegemite. (“It’s horrible,” he declared.) We went to Brisbane’s King George Square to ask the public what other Australiana should have been […]

Blood flows as bikies roar into town

Brisbane blood donation levels were given a welcomed boost over the weekend when motorcycle enthusiasts united to give blood in the fifth annual Merlo Coffee Red Ride for Life campaign. More than 115 riders from across south-east Queensland roared into the Springwood Red Cross Blood Donor Centre on Saturday to help resuscitate much-needed blood supplies […]

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