‘Show Me the Way to Go Home’: the short, splendid career of Mavis Ngallametta

Some paintings look impressive from a distance, others entice one to step closer to explore the details. Mavis Ngallametta’s remarkable large-scale works manage to do both, luring one in for a closer look, much like a fairy tale book with magnificent illustrations.‘Show Me the Way to Go Home’ is a magical exhibition that showcases the short but impressive career of Mavis Ngallametta, a distinguished indigenous painter hailing from Queensland.The exhibition at the Queensland... Read More

Hiking in untamed Finnish Lapland

Time is different in Lapland. If you’ve ever tried to get to a campsite in a hurry on a road filled with casually strolling reindeer, you know what I mean.There is no point hurrying. Luckily, we are travelling in summer, when the golden sunset stretches late into the night.Kilpisjärvi, an isolated village in the northwest of Finland, is best known for its rugged landscapes.It is also the starting point of the Three Country Cairn hike where the borders... Read More

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