More than lines on a page – the power of drawing

‘Untitled’ by Lily Mae Martin

Prepare to have your appreciation of drawing stretched beyond comprehension when you visit the Sunshine Coast University’s Art Gallery current exhibition, showcasing works from the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award.

The light, open space at the gallery is filled with a collection of travelling works from the Grafton Regional Gallery.

So much more than lines on a page, the exhibition pays tribute to artists who have created drawings straight from the heart.

They all share different messages and stories.

Each one is unique.

Paper, canvas and frames are filled with so much incredible intricate detail using a wide array of mediums ranging from graphite, pencil, conte and oil pastel to gouache, watercolour and ink.

‘Beautiful Distance’ by Celia Morgan

One on wall displayed is a drawing by Celia Morgan of an ocean landscape with a storm brewing within the heavy clouds overhead, each line drawn with meticulous detail and precision.

On another, artist Veronica Cay depicts a drawing of an overgrown garden, with rampant bush and hidden adventures.

There is a drawing using many different coloured ink pens which tells its own story with symbols and shapes by artist Peter Ra.

Close by there is a drawing by Lily Mae Martin of a woman who is lying naked on the floor, her hair outspread; face gripped in despair.

The artworks are multilayered and evocative. They leave the viewer grasping for breath, absolutely in awe at not only the talent behind the artwork but also the message that is conveyed within, something that will linger afterwards for a long time.

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