Relaxation Centre helps people discover inner strength

Lionel Fifield … ‘we could create a world of such magnificence’.

Stepping into the Relaxation Centre of Queensland is like driving along the highway and rising over a crest to see the wide expanse of beautiful blue ocean ahead of you.

Another world opens that has the potential to unshackle, calm and free the mind, heart, body and soul from life’s burdens, tragedies and illnesses. The feeling of serenity is soothing and comforting in this sanctuary on Brisbane’s inner northside.

Books, CDs and DVDs adorn racks around the store, as well as information on subjects ranging from hope during cancer to meditation, mindfulness, mental health, overcoming challenges, embracing our best selves and soulfulness. Volunteers offer a cuppa and a friendly smile.

Dressed in a conventional style, Lionel Fifield appears relaxed, informal and very welcoming. He demonstrates a warm, sincere and generous character and has a youthful enthusiasm that is inspiring given he is in his 70s.

Meeting Fifield is a joyful and enriching experience and the man demonstrates his kindness and willingness to help others with his hospitable and friendly demeanour. He speaks willingly and openly in a calm and soft-spoken way and has many fascinating stories to tell.

Originally from southern England, Fifield is the founder and program co-ordinator of the Relaxation Centre of Queensland, which he opened in 1974 to encourage people to discover their power and realise that we are all in control of our own destiny.

“This centre is based on the power of taking personal responsibility for yourself,” he said.

As a child Fifield had suffered nightmares and insomnia and was nervous socially. But in his teens he decided he had to face these things. He studied hard to become a chartered accountant. But he was diagnosed with diverticulitis in his 30s, and suffered extreme pain and chronic insomnia. His doctor gave the startling prognosis that he must seek answers to his medical conditions or he would not live much longer.

Fifield discovered Dr Ainslie Meares’ book Relief Without Drugs, revealing the power that lies in human beings.

Equipped with this knowledge Fifield launched the centre as a place of giving and a means to empower others to improve their lives and work in partnership to resolve crises and traumas. For several decades, he has invited speakers to share their knowledge and insights, which the public can attend for a small fee.

The centre relies solely on funds generated through course enrolments and merchandise sales. Its publicity is word-of-mouth.

Many friends and family remark that people change for the better and seem really happy after visiting the centre.

Volunteers are the essence of the place, with many coming to the centre at a difficult time in their life but wishing to contribute to the world and gain access to new ideas and insights.

Fifield said that if we keep our curiosity alive in life and our minds open, we’ll never know what we’ll discover – it is when we lose everything in life that we tend to find peace.

“If everyone worked together we could create a world of such magnificence – if we all lift each other up.”

The centre’s founder is lifting the spirits of countless individuals far and wide who have benefitted greatly from his empathy – showing them how to feel good about themselves while finding their way back to a path in life that brings satisfaction and joy.

One Response to “Relaxation Centre helps people discover inner strength”
  1. Mary Fahey says:

    Hi Lionel u popped into my mind – I suppose cos yest I was clearing a
    Drawer of tapes and remembered yours – long given out to others
    It is pure joy to see u are still here and sounds like alive and kicking ha ha.
    I too am in my 70s and retired from teaching meditation and personal
    Development last year. I loved yr style approach and openness
    You are one of the many special folk shining light on our world.
    I’ve never been to Oz but who knows if I do I will certainly visit yr centre and
    Shake yr hand and hug u in gratitude and thanks for what u do
    And the role yr tapes had in my journey.
    Blessings and love Mary London Town

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