Peace and serenity at Lake Maroon

Lakeside is quiet and peaceful.

“How’s the serenity” Darryl Kerrigan from the ever so famous Australian flick, The Castle, said. And he was right, I don’t know about Bonnie Doon but I do know about the peacefulness of the Australian landscape.

A visit to Lake Maroon Holiday Park near Boonah was a camping trip I will never forget. It was supposed to rain all weekend; everyone thought we were crazy to go camping in a possible torrential downpour.

We postponed the trip by one day, leaving on Saturday instead of Friday, and it was an amazing decision. It rained all day Friday and was all sunshine the next five days.

The trip was for my father’s birthday. His birthday was the Saturday, also known as set-up day. That wasn’t a good idea, he spent all day setting up, realising we had forgotten the tent pegs, the barbeque, chairs – all things he left to my incapable brother-and had to spend the day running back and forth from home to the campsite – which was about a three hour round trip.

We can easily say that he spent most of his birthday in a foul mood so we postponed his birthday to the Sunday.

Sunday was perfect. We spent the day fishing, swimming and relaxing by Lake Maroon. You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. We were the only people who sat on the lake’s banks, and other visitors were few and far between. Skiers from the neighbouring ski-club were practising on the lake and others, like us, were fishing and canoeing.

That night we spent enjoying our camp dinner, relaxing with a few drinks and enjoying the peace of not listening to other campers as we were the only ones in our area. The camp managers said they keep reservations low so people can have privacy and don’t have to listen to what everyone else is doing.

The camp showers were immaculate – you had your own little room that was regularly cleaned. It was taken care of very well compared to other sites we had visited.

The entire weekend was relaxing, tranquil and what camping should be – private. My family and I had a wonderful weekend and would definitely recommend Lake Maroon Holiday Park.

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