Newman chides senior minister in parliament

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman publicly criticised senior minister Bruce Flegg yesterday over the controversial appointment of a party official to audit the government printing service.

“I have expressed some concerns about the choice of the particular individual due to the position he holds and the perception that such a choice may attract,” Mr Newman said in Parliament.

The Opposition fiercely attacked appointment by Housing and Public Works Minister Dr Flegg of LNP party treasurer Barry O’Sullivan to review GoPrint.

“Why did the minister approve the LNP state treasurer, someone with no knowledge of the printing industry to review the books rather than a qualified industry expert?” Deputy Opposition leader Tim Mulherin asked.

GoPrint is a state owned business that supplies the majority of the printing services for the state government.

The government’s recent audit of government finances led by Peter Costello recommended that GoPrint be shut down as it was running at an operating loss.

Mr Newman said he supported the review of GoPrint because it was losing $3.6 million a year.

The premier expressed his confidence in Dr Flegg but made clear he had been warned: “I am reassured by the minister that a more appropriate approach will be taken in the future,” he said.

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