‘Gangster lifestyle’ turns man to crime

The Brisbane Supreme Court was told yesterday a man became involved with guns and drugs because he was impressed with the gangster lifestyle.

Lee James Ralph, 26, pleaded guilty to multiple charges of unlawful possession of firearms and various dangerous drugs over the past three years.

Defence counsel Mal Harrison said Ralph became involved with drugs and criminal figures as a teenager after his parents divorced and he tried to “impress others with a gangster-style lifestyle”.

Crown Prosecutor Ken Spinaze said probation would not be suitable because of his previous drug-related convictions and his “willingness to arm himself” on two occasions.

Mr Spinaze said the amount and variety of drugs he had in his possession which included cannabis, cocaine, testosterone and methyl amphetamine, suggested a commercial enterprise.

Mr Harrison said Ralph did not admit to drug-dealing.

He said on one occasion, Ralph was holding drugs for a person he knew to be the seller and that the testosterone was for his own use and exercise.

Judge Anthe Philippides said Ralph still had the chance to turn his life around if he had the determination to do so and she paid tribute to the support of his family and partner who were in court.

Ralph was sentenced to two years and eight months imprisonment, with a parole release date in April next year.

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