Carbon tax a threat to jobs – Newman

Livelihoods will be destroyed by the carbon tax according to Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, who yesterday labelled the tax a “job killer”.

Mr Newman said in Parliament job losses in the “real economy” would impact on Queensland, not recent public service cuts.

“What about the job losses in the real economy – the productive economy that actually delivers the taxes that pay public servants’ wages and allows us to deliver for Queenslanders?” he said.

“These are the jobs that are going to go.

“These are the jobs that are suffering because this Labor opposition blindly and recklessly, like lemmings, backs the federal Labor government.”

An estimated 3000 contract workers lost their public service jobs last month in a move to reduce state debt, a legacy left by the former government, Mr Newman said.

“The job losses in the public sector, as we know, have been caused by their poor and reckless financial management.

“But we never hear them stand up for people in Queensland who run businesses, who employ people, who pay tax, who keep this economy going—the people who fund the public sector.”

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